Hairstyles after 30 years for short hair: 20 fascinating options

At 30, a woman is in the prime of life. Age-related changes are still almost invisible and there are obvious benefits.

In order to emphasize your unique image and keep up with the fashion trends, you need to choose the right hairstyle. The material outlines what haircuts can be done for short hair for women over 30, as well as the undeniable benefits of short hairstyles.

The advantages of short hairstyles.

Many mistakenly think that long hair is attractive and a sign of youth. In fact, long curls are especially suitable for young girls under the age of 20. Women after 30 try to spend less time processing their hair, at the same time, they are in line with fashion trends and look younger for their age. Increasingly, such women are choosing short hair.

The main advantages of such haircuts are:

Easy to install and maintain.

In the morning, it is enough to comb the hair and give it a look of air and lightness;

Arrogant hairstyles can significantly rejuvenate the face;

Highlights the advantages and hides obvious disadvantages;

When the bangs are added, the hairstyle will be youthful and will hide the wrinkles on the forehead.

Hairstyle with short hair

The trend for short haircuts continues for more than a year. Many stars and celebrities have already tried on short hair styles for themselves. To date, 4 types of hairstyles are popular.


A pixie hairstyle will soften the rough features and have a rejuvenating effect. Each hairstyle is chosen individually. Usually pixels are used by the younger generation, since they open almost the entire face. Different hairstyles with spectacular details which allows the woman to be very attractive.


Bean hairstyle has been used by women not only after 30 years but also much older. It also has tons of technology. The stylist will certainly offer options that will suit your complexion .


The classic box is familiar from the past. Today stylists often use a graduated box with thinning. Also popular options are torn technology that allows you to perfect any hairstyle. Styling for such hairstyles is very simple, only a round brush and hairdryer are required.


The cascade is perceived very well in women aged 30+. The technique of the cascade is to cut into layers, thus creating a multi-layered hairstyle. Curls beautifully frame the face, hide puffy cheeks and pronounced cheekbones.

Combination of Hairstyles with Breton

A variety of bangs let you choose it for any hairstyle. The trend is asymmetry bangs, which seamlessly turn into curls. The only piece of advice for women over 30 when choosing a hairstyle is to not choose an ultra-short version of your bangs as it is suitable for younger and bolder girls. After 30 years, you still can not be afraid to radically change your appearance and choose every hairstyle option. Short hairstyles have many advantages, staying in the trend for a long time. Did you do a short hairstyle? Do you like the effect of it? Tell us about it in the comments!

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