Hairstyles that harm your hair

Women, wanting to have beautiful well-groomed hair, spend a lot of time and money on maintaining it in good condition: expensive masks in beauty salons, shampoos, paints, gels, and so on. But many of them do not know that they themselves often become the culprits of deteriorating hair quality. Let’s take a look at exactly 4 comfortable hairstyles loved by most women that harm your hair.

The hairstyle that spoils hair # 4:Ponytail


 Many ladies, owners of medium and long hair, come home and collect their hair in a ponytail. With such a hairstyle, you can easily do household chores or go to workout at a sports club. However, it must be remembered that despite the convenience, this hairstyle is harmful to your hair. The elastic tightens the hair, compresses the strands, as a result of which the hair becomes brittle and splits.

The hairstyle that spoils hair # 3:Tight braids

4 comfortable hairstyles that harm your hair

  It would seem: what harm will cute braids do, how can the blame for bad hair be transferred to them? It turns out you can. If the braiding is tight, then the hair is strongly stretched, subjected to stretching, which leads to trauma to the hair follicles and hair loss. If you are a fan of this hairstyle, then try to relax the tension of the strands as much as possible when weaving braids. This will allow you not only to visually increase the thickness of the braids, but also to protect your hair from falling out.

The hairstyle that spoils hair # 2: wet hair styling

4 comfortable hairstyles that harm your hair

The wet styling trend worsened the hair condition of those girls who, in pursuit of fashion, came to parties with wet hair. You can achieve this effect with the help of special styling products. When visiting the pools and collecting your hair in buns, be sure to wait until they dry completely, only then start combing the strands. Failure to follow these rules will lead to the fact that your curls will become dry and dull.

The hairstyle that spoils hair # 1: a bun for sleeping

4 comfortable hairstyles that harm your hair

Gathering your hair in a bun at night, going to bed, do not think that this is how you solve the problem of morning hair styling. On the one hand, loosening a bun will give you beautiful wavy hair that is easier to style. On the other hand, you get a number of difficult problems: hair loss and fragility. The tied strands rub against the elastic and pillowcase. This degrades their structure.To maintain a healthy shine of your hair, prevent them from breaking, splitting and falling out, take care of them and do not use “comfortable” hairstyles that spoil your curls. Do you use such hairstyles? Tell us in the comments if you have any problems with your hair? If you liked the article, save it to yourself and share with your friends!

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