Bentolit – slimming food supplement Bentolit is a new cleansing ritual 1 package per box, drink once per day.


Your new cleaning ritual

     Lose 10 kg in 30 days

     Detoxification and excessive liquid elimination

     Metabolism acceleration

Why are we gaining weight?

We often hear that the main reasons for being overweight are hormonal imbalance, a sedentary lifestyle and environmental problems, right? However, these are only secondary factors

In 90% of cases, excess weight is directly related to chemical poisoning of the body
The urban environment is very hostile to humans. Commercially available foods contain artificial preservatives, flavor enhancers and dyes. Life in a big city goes hand in hand with polluted air containing gases. Bad habits (smoking and excessive alcohol consumption) also have adverse effects on the body. All of these factors cause digestion problems, slow down the metabolism and, consequently, intensify fat storage.

BENTOLIT was created based on bentonite volcanic clay. It is a natural adsorbent. If used daily, it removes excess water and harmful synthetic substances accumulated in tissues and organs, while promoting the breakdown and burning of fat. The clay swells quickly in the stomach, which reduces the appetite so that you lose weight.

As early as 7 days after starting BENTOLIT, the weight begins to decrease. After a while, you have no digestive problems, including heartburn, stomach heaviness, and so on. On average, at the end of a 30-day course, you lose 10 to 12 kg. Unlike synthetic fat burners and detox cocktails, BENTOLIT does not have any adverse effects on your health. Composed of natural ingredients only, it has no side effects or complications.

100% natural and ecological product

Bentonite clay

    (captures harmful chemical compounds and removes them from the body)
    Coffee powder

    (reduces appetite, removes excess water from the body)
    Oat fiber

    (cleanse the intestine and eliminate excess cholesterol)
    Fennel Seed Extract

    (normalizes digestion)
    Soy protein isolate

    (actively burns subcutaneous fat)
    Ginger Root Extract

    (stimulates the metabolism, prevents the recovery of weight)
    Dandelion Root Extract

    (has a slight laxative effect, restores the intestinal flora)

On average we lose

    DAY UP TO 0.5 KG
    WEEK UP TO 3.5 KG
    MONTH UP TO 10-12 KG

Fast when dieting

How do we take

    Put 2 large teaspoons filled with powder in a cup

    Add 200 ml of purified water or skim milk

    Mix well, let stand for 10 minutes, then mix again *

    Take clay water once a day regardless of the meal, preferably in the morning

* It is recommended to use a shaker to obtain a homogeneous mass
They managed to slim down with BENTOLIT. You can do it too!








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