Pamela Anderson Vegetarian Diet

Pamela Anderson is a strict vegetarian. Do not eat red meat, chicken, fish and seafood. 

Sex symbol decided to switch to a vegetarian diet even as a teenager when he saw his father cut the head of a deer, previously caught and killed. He is a member of PETA and protect the rights of animals from high school. 

Anderson leads protracted violent struggle with KFC for the inhumane way they treat chickens, they use. 

Favorite vegetarian menu Pamela

face mask with orange

face mask with orange

Anderson was lettuce with tofu + steamed vegetables + cheese + fruit. 

Sex symbol has a few tricks to keep form without strict dieting. For example, by chewing sugarless gum while cooking for his friends to not be tempted to try the ingredients. 

Pamela Anderson intensive training in the gym 4 times a week with personal trainer. Combines cardio with strength training. 

Fan is Pilates. 

Make maximum efforts to tighten the thighs and buttocks. To deal with cellulite and tightening muscles throughout the stepper used for 45-60 minutes. I like running outside and also the training of elliptical simulator. 

Moreover, the star likes to play all sports with their children and they also helped to maintain form – football, basketball, baseball, etc.



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