Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet reflects the characteristic dietary habits of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean. Preparation of simple tasty dishes with a wide range of products produced in these countries.But this recipes can be easily adapted to personal taste preferences of each individual.

In the last fifty years, appeared on the world stage unanimous international scientific opinion that the traditional diet of Mediterranean countries is very useful knowlеdge.This consensus is credible because it is the work of scientists from all over the world and is independent of economic interest in any country.

The Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, including pasta, bread, cereals, rice and potatoes, poultry and fish, dairy products, some very small meat and processed foods to a minimum. Includes two main ingredients: olive oil is the main source of fat and wine. The milk is mainly in the form of cheese or yogurt. The most common desserts are seasonal fruits.

Cakes is consuming several times a week and many times the sugar is replaced with honey. The red meat is almost prohibited and consumed several times a month in small quantities, unlike the chicken and fish are consumed each week. Finally, it is common and the consumption of wine (one or two glasses of wine every day).

In the early 60’s, began an investigation of the World Health Organization to study the eating habits of people from 7 different countries (Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia, Holland, Finland, USA and Japan). Lasts 30 years and involved about 13000 people aged 40-59 years.

The results of this study showed that people living in Mediterranean countries, especially Greece, showed the lowest mortality rate from cancer and coronary heart disease and the highest life expectancy, compared with residents of other countries.

The researchers conclude that lifestyle (work in rural areas, increased physical activity), but also easy and economical meal, which was universally known as the Mediterranean diet is the reason behind this phenomenon.



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