For Calories

To burn 1 kg fat to burn about 7000 calories.

For example, if you lost 350 calories per workout, you will have 20 such exercises to lose 1 kg fat. If, however, pay little attention to your diet can reduce the time taken to get rid of this weight.

So if you want to lose weight have to do gym at least half an hour five times a week course and be careful with the amount of calories.

But do not forget the burning of weight is slow to work and perseverance. Do not expect to download ten kilograms for one, two months to consider that in fact these have not gained weight so fast.

One big myth is that the weights inflate. This causes many women to give up important and necessary exercises for the muscles with weights. Obviously you do not know that the percentage of women and men who have genetic zalozhenost to develop the volume of muscles after hard training is significantly lower – 10% for men and 1% for women. It is almost impossible exercise to tone and strengthen the muscular system to make you bodybuilders.

Another very important thing in connection with the weights – they do not shrink fat.


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