Diet to Suit You

Make you own diet for your taste depending on your weaknesses in order to successfully follow it until you reach your goal.

If you look around you’ll find that there are hundreds of ways to lose weight – from books to beauty institutes that promise sure success.

I think you should pay attention to how long you can follow a diet.

You must find a way to insert into their everyday line of dietary habits to suit your taste.

Here are some ways to forget the bad eating habits, making them a tactic to lose weight:

You must lto limit carbohydrates .
In the past, carbohydrates were not present in such large amounts of meat. And those who used the people were much less processed. No need to eliminate carbs completely. Your body needs them. What must surely do is to restrict the poor in nutrients and carbohydrates to drink “good”. This will restrict and calories.

Find it your way:
-Select products from wholemeal flour / meal, which used all parts of the grain. It is an indispensable source of nutrients, maintains blood sugar levels stable between meals and regulates appetite.
-Try to eat 5 times a day with smaller portions. Example of a small portion is one slice of bread or two slices of rusk, a bowl stews or pasta.
-If you are unable to fully dispose of their food “bad” carbs just put the order. For example, if you can not drink white bread, you will need to take it with food that contains protein / protein / but fat / trahun, peanut oil. My also use it with some olive oil or poultry without skin / turkey preferable. This combination prevented rapid  rise and fall   in blood sugar.

Foods   that “blow”:
Not satisfy hunger with small portions, so choose foods that swell and then the stomach will send a message of satiety to the brain. Hunger is not a mandatory companion to the diet. There are ways to eat properly without hunger.

-Choose foods rich in fiber but low in calories. Example – vegetables, fruits, soups, salads, and fresh whole-grain products  You can lose weight eating large quantities.
Replace the dried fruit with fresh, eat rice as it confused with vegetables.

Digestion and absorption of protein can last four hours, while only two carbohydrates. It is clear that proteins used feeling of fullness will be longer. Of course accelerate protein metabolism. This does not mean you can eat meat without measure, which is the main source of protein. It is best to add a little protein at each meal.

-Choose healthy protein source / free of saturated fats / – salmon, soy.
-Eat normal portions – 100g. Meat as a deck of cards, 30 g cheese as the thumb of your hand.
A valuable tool for weight loss is to make a menu for the next day and try to make it. So find bad eating habits and have a chance to change them. Also eat less. It may be, the food calendar is more efficient and exercises for weight loss.




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