Vampire Flicks And How to Get Vampire Look

Vampire Flicks

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The Vampire Flicks

The Vampire Flicks

How to Get the Vampire Look

from wikiHow
Though subject to individual opinions on how this look is best portrayed, the vampire look is mysterious and interesting. Some may see it as a combination of Gothic and New Romantic, or it can even be seen as burlesque, punk, scene, or simply “dark”. Whatever your personal take on the “vampire look” generally, it’s just about looking like a vampire.


  1. Understand the importance of hair to the vampire look. Vampires are proud of their hair and its appearance. While you’ll generally find that vampire hair is dark, this is not essential although it is both traditional, and alluring.
    • Vampire hair is always in good condition; sleek, well brushed or styled.
    • If you don’t already have dark or black hair, you might consider dyeing it but keep in mind that dark hair dyes are messy work, and any dye needs constant reapplication. Moreover, there are concerns that dark hair dyes are not considered safe for long-term use.
    • If you keep your own hair color, keep it well trimmed, free of split ends, and in top condition (shiny). Any color will work, as long as it works well with your complexion and is a wee bit beautiful.
    • The cut matters little in the vampire subculture, although a mysterious, full-bodied cut usually has the best effect. Straight hair works fine, although loose curls and/or waves help create a sultry, mysterious appearance.
    • Vampire flicks

      Vampire Flicks

  2. Look after your skin. Your skin does not need to be pale, although a pale look is desirable over a tanned one. After all, vampires typically are not creatures of the sunlight!
    • For a pale complexion, use a foundation that is slightly lighter than your skin tone, if you are pale already. Or, use a foundation meant to achieve a pale effect, such as that used by goths.
    • Whatever complexion you have, aim to keep it free of acne. Wash your face regularly and use good acne control products to keep it in check.
  3. Create vampire eyes. Typically, vampire eyes are fairly light, with the lips as the focus point instead. Vampire eye makeup can be as dark or as light as you prefer.
    • For most looks, use a purple eyeshadow with black mascara, and perhaps a touch of a dark-colored eyeliner if you still need your eyes to “pop” a little.
    • Light red eyeshadow all around the eyes is good because it gives an appearance of being dead.
    • Consider using contacts: Sparkly or shiny contacts are always a nice vampire-y touch: you can be as creative as you want with them. Gold-colored contacts give a nice Twilight-like look, and very light blue ones are subtle but vampire-y. If you wish to be a bit more extreme, try blood-red, black, or even “cat eyes;” be as unusual and creative as you wish.
    • Many vampires wear sunglasses during the day, so that the bright sunlight doesn’t hurt their eyes. But try not to look like the Matrix
  4. Prepare the lips. The lips are usually the most vibrant part of vampire makeup. Depending on your complexion and intended look, use shades between a bright red and blood-red. Using black lipstick makes you look very goth instead, so try to avoid it.
    • There is no requirement to be shiny.
    • If preferred, use lipgloss instead of lipstick.
  5. Take good care of your teeth. Even if you don’t wear fangs, make sure to take very good care of your teeth. Brush them well and have them seen by a dentist regularly. Vampires take pride in their teeth.
    • If you do wear fangs, find small ones that don’t look tacky.
    • Tooth caps are much easier to speak with than a full mouthpiece, and they look more natural.
    • Don’t paint blood on your teeth. Whilst it may be appropriate for Halloween, it’s tacky and silly when used everyday.
    • Ideally, you shouldn’t have braces or a retainer, but if you do, that’s okay – the final shape of your teeth is more important than style!
    • Vampire flicks

      Vampire Flicks

  6. Care for your nails. Vampires take very good care of their nails. Let your nails grow long, but keep them neatly filed to a rounded point. For a more natural look, use a clear nail polish to preserve nail strength.
    • If you want a more dramatic effect, use black, blood-red or purple nail polish.
  7. Keep your body in good shape. The stereotypical vampire is very gaunt, but you needn’t starve to be vampy. Take nightly walks (in the moonlight), join a gym, or do something to get a bit toned and in shape. Vampires are supposed to be serenely beautiful and sexy, so being toned helps with the whole effect.
  8. Dress smartly. Vampires are always well-dressed, so avoid going around looking shabby or unkempt.
    • For women, fancy black skirts, black or red tops with bell sleeves, corset tops, black dresses, or, for a more “everyday” look, black skinny jeans with a red, purple, or black top or corset. Black skirts with ruby studded designs look awesome. Shoes should be dark, probably black, usually dressy, medieval-styled flats or even small heels.
    • For men, dark, slightly Victorian styles work well, or dark pants with a smart-looking shirt.
    • Formal dress: Vampires already dress fairly formally, so formal wear isn’t an enormous leap from everyday wear. For women, Medieval or Victorian-style dresses in dark colors work well, and for men, an older-fashioned tuxedo or dressier shirt.
    • Colder weather dress: In cold weather, vampires usually wear long velvet cloaks in black or red, though this can be very noticeable. For a less conspicuous look, try a dark jacket with antique buttons or other interesting detail. Or perhaps a leather jacket or black trench coat (full length or to the knees). Depending on your look, it could give off a modern vampire air. To try to “spice” up the look, girls could add an antique necklace to wear over it.


A video tutorial on creating a vampire look for your face.


  • Wear dark colors, avoiding pastels (though you shouldn’t just wear black; nothing wrong with throwing in a bit of color).
  • Remember, vampires have seen trends come and go. They tend to stick with more classic styles and retain fashion statements they liked from centuries before.
  • Try to not to talk so much it will make you seem more mysterious. If you must speak though, talk softly and keep any conversation short and brief.
  • Try not to stir too much attention to yourself! It makes you seem like a regular human! Every once in a while sit by yourself it makes you seem mysterious!
  • Be dressy, no matter the occasion.
  • Another pointer might be to learn some Latin and use it whenever you think it works best.,

Things You’ll Need

  • Bright red lipstick (optional)
  • Blood red lipstick (optional)
  • Foundation 2 shades lighter than natural skin tone
  • High quality fangs (optional)
  • Dark red/black/purple nail polish (optional)
  • Clear nail polish (optional)
  • Hair gel or hair tie
  • Sunglasses
  • Dark clothing
  • Colored contacts (optional)
  • Colored wig- black/red/blue/etc.(optional)
  • Black or red cape (optional)
  • Long stick-on nails
  • Black heels or flats

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The Vampire Flicks

Vampire Flicks


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