Secrets How To Live to 100 Years

1.Indulge in a lazy without remorse! Among people who are 100 years or more, there is especially seeking to live each day fully and do not bet much of his career. Ie – Relax the nearest hammock!

2. Hot breakfast is very important. As the Chinese say – the day should begin with a warm mash that awakens the vital energy and drives away sleepiness. Cold breakfast granola spent too much energy in the morning, and will make you feel sleepy.

3. Maintaining contact is important. According to the U.S. study people with good social contacts live longer. In this decisive is the quality of friendship: good friends keep us awake brain, but a cursory acquaintance rather intensify feelings of loneliness.

4. An important prerequisite for long life and maintenance of curiosity. Has been shown through the mastery of new knowledge in the brain build new nerve connections. A new hobby or performed with a variety tasks in maintaining cell shape.

5. Get a Chinese fruit Godji! They are full of essential amino acids. 30 grams per day provide energy, protect against Alzheimer’s, refresh your love life. Can be eaten like raisins at breakfast, in soup or salad.

6. Make love – is the next board for extended youthfulness of body and soul. Regular sex can make us look up to seven years younger, because it reduces body fat and boost circulation. And thanks to the provision of adequate estrogen, skin and blood vessels remain longer elastic.

7. Complete rest is also a factor. Rituals for the granting of tension are not just fashion, but the elixir of life – as stress and insomnia hinder regeneration process and lead to faster aging. So allow yourself more often Polejan the bathtub to stop at the sauna or make a massage. Granting a license in hand against the soft music is also highly recommended.

8. Take your animal! Holders of dogs visit the doctor 21% less than others. Most likely because three times a day to walk with your pet and never alone. Moreover, animals at home helps to better cope with the workload.

9. Life in the country is preferable. Areas with less heavy traffic noise saving, stress and exhaust. Swedes have proved that the village risk of heart attack decrease. Moreover, there lived an average of 2.8 years longer.



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