Make-up for Dropped Eyes

Make-up for lowered corners of the eyes clearly has its own features and patterns.

After all, it is impossible to fix problems here, and to open your eyes with the help of an ordinary make-up.

That’s why we have prepared for you our today’s article, which will reveal all the secrets of creating the perfect makeup for the omitted corners of the eyes.
We create a beautiful make-up for the lower corners of the eyes.

To make a perfect make-up for women with the problem described above, we advise you to arm yourself with such cosmetic devices as eyelash curlers, eyeliner, quality mascara and direct shadow.

Make-up for dropped eyes: features, regularities, ideas

Before creating makeup, we advise you to take care of your skin. It should be in perfect condition. This can be done with the help of a special moisturizing mask, and then using such products as makeup base, concealer, foundation, powder and highlighter. Do not forget that it is the make-up base that will help your cosmetics last much longer.

Make-up for dropped eyes: features, regularities, ideas

After that, take care of your eye design. We recommend you to use eyeliner as a must. After all, as practice shows, it is better to lie on your face, and also has a more intense tone. Do not forget about the eyelash tweezers. They will help to open your eyes and make your look more attractive.

Make-up for dropped eyes: features, regularities, ideas

A very important element of makeup for the lower corners of the eyes is the eyebrow design. Note that they should have the most natural shape. Also of great importance is the direct color of the eyebrows, which is desirable if it is close to your natural hair color.

Make-up for lowered corners of the eyes from A to Z

It should be noted that the makeup for lowered eye corners has only one goal – to visually open the eyes and lift the corners of the eyes. For this purpose, experts use different techniques, including a game of shades, which helps reduce the distance from the eye to the outer edge of the eyebrow.

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And so, after you have taken care of the perfect skin of your face, start to apply the shadows of neutral tones. The upper area of the movable eyelid is better designed in lighter tones. You should not touch the corner here. But the upper fold of your eyelid is quite acceptable and even very necessary to design in darker tones and do not forget to grow them, also affecting the naked corner. After you should turn to the eyeliner and draw a raised arrow from the middle of the upper eyelid to its outer corner. It should also grow, and then turn to the carcass, which will make your look even more expressive and open. And do not forget a little trick to make your eyes really look more visually open, we recommend applying a bigger mascara just in the middle of the eye. And under the curtain add a little white tones directly on the outer area of your eyebrows.

Make-up for dropped eyes: features, regularities, ideas

What not to do when creating makeup for the lower corners of the eyes

A little warning that will help you avoid the effect of the looming eyelid – it is by no means when applying cosmetics on the lower lashes, including mascara, as well as directly the upper corners of the eyes.

Make-up for dropped eyes: features, regularities, ideas

Also, when creating an everyday, evening or romantic make-up, we advise you to completely abandon makeup with strasses, a variety of sequins, as well as shadows with glitter or nacre, which can easily aggravate your problem of sunken eye corners.

Finally, do not design the lower and upper eyelids with the same tone of shadows or pencils. After all, then you will get the effect opposite to what you expected, and your problem of omitted corners of the eyes will become more visible.

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