Hairstyles for every day: 11 variants with step-by-step fulfillment

In our dynamic age women do not have the opportunity to stand for hours in the mirror in the morning, constructing a beautiful hairstyle on her head. Stylists have taken care of the fact that every day you will be attractive, spending a minimum of time and nerves to create an easy and elegant hairstyle. Consider several types of easy hairstyles for every day.

Hairstyle with pigtails in the front

Two thin braids in the front in a straight parting will help to get rid of protruding hair. From the rest of the hair, together with plaits, make a ponytail, braid it and twist it on the crown. Fix the hairstyle with bobby pins

Air braids on the back

Braid each of the two medium-length ponytails loosely into braids and secure with elastic bands. Connect the plaits overlapping, fasten with bobby pins and hide the ends of the hair deep in the plaits.


Voluminous Dutch braids

From the front strands loosely weave Dutch braids, fix them with elastic bands at the ends. Make a ponytail out of the rest of the hair at the back of the head and also fasten it with a rubber band. Connect the plaits to each other, hiding the ponytail under them.


The classic clamshell.

Tuck your hair back into a ponytail, which you twist and turn to one side. From the other side, twist it on your fingers. Tuck the twisted curl into the resulting cavity and fasten it with a hairpin.


Low bun.

Curl the front strands on both sides, bring them to the neck and make a low ponytail, fastening it with a rubber band. Tuck the ponytail in, tuck the ends of the strands into the elastic and straighten the resulting bundle. Fix it with bobby pins.


The original bun

Divide your hair into three equal parts. From the middle part to form a bun. Divide the side hair into small strands and twist it around the central bun, securing it with pins and bobby pins.


Braids on the back of the head

Brush the hair into two sections and loosely braid the Dutch braids. Cross the braids, securing each part at the ear.


French braid headband

Divide the hair into two parts: one part is plaited into the braid, the other is left loose. The braid is braided from the ear to the opposite side, capturing a few strands each time.


A voluminous bundle at the back of the head

Gather hair in a ponytail. The strands should be arranged around the bow and pinned. To create a lush volume, you can comb the strands somewhat.


Boho hairstyle with braids

The braids from the side strands are directed back and pinned. Light waves of masses of hair are left in a beautiful free fall.


Styling your hair with a bow

Gather the front strands up to the temples in a ponytail. The last turn of the elastic band will form a bunch and a ponytail. The resulting curl is divided into two parts. Wrap the ponytail around the parting of the bundle.

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