Gray skirt: 26 examples of how to be stylish

Gray skirt color is unique. But, for many, it causes an association with a gray mouse. The color itself is sufficient and combines with basic classic colors. The versatility of gray shades allows you to use them in almost any image, style and at any time of the year.


Spring skirts

Gray skirts are combined with any bright top. Business women prefer just such an exquisite style. With the advent of spring, models of skirts are diversified. Comfortable shoes on a low platform will be the best complement to the stylish spring look.

Gray pencil skirt

Pencil skirt is the base for spring wardrobe. They are well combined with pastel shades. Strict jackets are lighter in tone to emphasize the dignity of the figure and give a certain chic to the style.

Gray Check Skirt

Check skirts create a romantic look. Short skirts with waist assemblies are especially good. When choosing a model, remember that it is more suitable for slim girls.

Gray denim skirt

Denim skirts create a sporty look. Look harmonious in the spring with short sweaters and a thrown-down jacket or jacket.


What to wear with a this skirt in the summer

Gray in the summer does not look boring at all. The main thing is to choose the right fabric for the summer skirt and competently combine it with the top. Bright colors of sandals or moccasins perfectly complement the image.

Gray pleated skirt

A chiffon pleated skirt, combined with a white batiste blouse, will create a delicate look. Girls tall and slender in this look look like Turgenev’s young ladies.

Gray wrap skirt

Light gray fabric, great idea for a wrap summer skirt. On hot days you really want freedom and coolness. Complement the image with short tops of bright color. In a wraparound skirt, you can go to the cafe and go for a walk.

Skirt with waves

Elongated transparent skirts look stylish and easy. Complete the skirt with a light blouse in white and the summer outfit is ready.


Gray skirt in the autumn wardrobe

The autumn period is a season of rains and winds, when you need to think about warming, and you want beauty and grace. It’s time to change light summer shoes for ankle boots and boots.

Gray pencil skirt

In the fall, tight skirts harmoniously look with short cloaks. In combination with club jackets, complemented by bright neckerchiefs, they will create an exquisite look.

 A-Line Skirt

Such skirts are good on tall slender girls. A denim blazer and pumps will create a trendy look.

Plaid skirt photo 7

Gray Midi Skirt

A long skirt made of gray velvet, with a richly bright blouse and a decent jewelry set, will make you the queen of the evening.

A-line skirt photo

Winter outfit with a skirt in gray color

There are many models of winter skirts in gray. They are good in office style and for creating evening looks.

 Pleated skirt

Such a skirt made of dense fabric and midi length harmonizes well with a voluminous sweater intercepted at the waist by a narrow contrasting strap. Complement your bow with a wide wrist bracelet for a chic evening look.

Gray striped skirt

A gray skirt in a vertical strip 2-3 tones higher than the base color, made with a deep smell, makes women slim. The fabric should be dense, woolen.

Gray High Waist Skirts

Blouses and sweaters are tucked into skirts of this style. A pronounced belt with a beautiful buckle focuses on yourself.

Whatever model the gray skirt is, it always attracts attention. Color is relevant this season, and a woman will choose a model for herself.



Do you wear  skirts? Write in the comments which of the following images is more acceptable to you.




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