Forget it immediately! 10 outdated makeup techniques

Fashion for makeup is changing as rapidly as for clothes or accessories. However, often habit and unwillingness to change something in your usual appearance makes you use tricks that have long sunk into oblivion. It is unlikely that any of your friends will tell you about this, not wanting to offend. But the words of those enemies who will not protect your feelings will most likely not convince you. After all, “there are so many envious people around who want to spoil your mood.” In order not to look like a guest from the past, we suggest you look at your make-up through the prism of our today’s article.

Very thin eyebrows

 10 outdated makeup techniques

Thick, not plucked eyebrows are now in fashion. Their shape can only be slightly corrected. Say no! thin eyebrow strings once and for all.

Dark and black lipstick

 10 outdated makeup techniques

Nude shades, naturalness and invisible make-up – that’s what you need to bet on today. And it’s definitely time to throw out all the lipsticks that are at least two shades darker than your lips.

Foundation mask

 10 outdated makeup techniques

Using dense and matte tonal creams, you will create a mask on your face. Naturalness has long been in fashion. Carefully mask your flaws, but try to make yours look natural.

Bright shadows on the upper eyelid

 10 outdated makeup techniques

Yes, bright colors are in fashion. But the shades of such colors, current beauties apply exclusively to the lower eyelid. Thus, you can emphasize the look. But the moving upper eyelid in a bright range – today Moveton.

Textured Contouring

 10 outdated makeup techniques

Remember these long tutorials on how to apply makeup. Do you remember? Now forget it! Clear lines, prominent cheekbones, nose and chin will make your look like a lifeless mask. From now on, only soft lines and blurry contours.

Colorful makeup

 10 outdated makeup techniques

The rule of three colors, known to us from stylists, is applicable not only to clothing. Your face should also not have more than three shades. Such a make-up is suitable only for a night club.

A lot of sparkles in eye makeup

 10 outdated makeup techniques

If you are a lover of chic eyes in the form of a dense shine on the upper eyelid, we have bad news for you. Such makeup has long been out of fashion. Give preference to Smoky-Eyes. A smooth transition between shades is the best option for eyeliner makeup today.

White shine in the inner corner of the eye

 10 outdated makeup techniques

To make the look more expressive, of course, is necessary. But too shiny inner corners of the eyes – the last century. Choose eyeliner shades suitable for your skin and eye color.

Clear lip contour

 10 outdated makeup techniques

Throw away all lip liners that do not match the tone of your lipstick. Today, the bright outline looks vulgar and not seksual.


 10 outdated makeup techniques

By applying eyeliner to the lower eyelid, you will in no way make your eyes more open. This is a long dispelled myth. In addition, this method is clearly aging young beauties. It is better to fill the gap between the upper eyelashes with a contour.

Well, did you recognize yourself? If you do not want to look old-fashioned and not stylish, urgently change your antediluvian make-up to modern techniques that make your look perfect. And what makeup do you prefer: fashionable or proven old? Be sure to tell us in the comments about your preferences and the techniques used.

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