Fitness &Weigth loss

Fitness function of the body sweats to show the body’s ability to maintain normal temperature. When the body heats start sweating and then you feel cool. This has little relation to calories burned.

Ignore the scale immediately after gymnastics, because what you lost during the gymnastics are liquids. And do not forget you have to return them. Do not you happened to notice that the gym starting your weight does not change? This happens when you do exercises to strengthen muscles. Muscle mass is heavier than fat. Stimulating muscles with exercises even your weight may increase slightly, but your physical condition is changed surely positive. So when you reduce body fat, you can get a little weight gain due to the weight of muscle tissue. But in practice you will feel that the muscles take up less volume than fat. This will certainly understand his clothes .. In other words, the increase in muscle mass is a positive thing.

It is very difficult to keep your weight – even harder than gym and download  overweight. Very large percentage of people who return their weight immediately after diet. The solution is not in the diet. Should be combined with proper nutrition gymnastics. Many people think they have bad metabolism. This course can be studied individually but in most cases do not come in metabolism. It has been shown that as much muscle mass is greater so the metabolism is faster because it burns more energy .

If you are exercising only certain areas of the body will not achieve who knows what results. When you gain fat rapidly accumulating in some parts of the body more than others. This depends on the physiology of the individual. Even if you notice you will find that those places fat disappears slowest. The truth is that we need to exercise the whole body and fat is lost almost evenly from all parts.

Over age muscle mass decreases as we all know there is reduced and metabolism … Fat hardly react to the exercises. What happens is that the exercises with weights will help increase muscle mass and thus burning calories. Weight loss, you must do aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercise will lead to burning calories and fat and losses per kg. But the exercises to stimulate the muscles and will help to maintain or increase muscle tissue, helping to increase the basic metabolism, namely, burning more calories .. So do not leave the burden off your program.



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