Clear Skin Diet – Home Remedies for Adult Acne

Many people need Clear skin diet where skin problems occur in older age, even before it had clear skin. This is not strange since we live under stress and tension, and the air is becoming dirty. Skin problems affect about 40% of men and 54% of women aged over 25 years, a number of adult people who suffer from acne grow. Dermatologists blame stress, pollution, drugs, and of course, diet. Increasingly suggests that overdoing fried foods and sugar reflects very badly on the skin. Most confusing sugar insulin levels, and this leads to increased excretion of sebum It is oily substance secreted by sebaceous glands reaching the hair follicles. The main component is a lipid coating on the skin surface, which has protective properties. In small amounts, is useful because it helps to separate dead cells and acts as a lubricant for the skin. But in larger quantities makes the bacterium P. acne to spread and lead to buds. In some people the connection between food and skin is really strong, others not so, but in any event there. What are foods to avoid?

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Milk – no matter how strange, some experts have to exclude milk from their diet if we want to have clean skin. Milk contains many hormones as it comes in lactating cows. Hormones, with high levels of calcium, cause scientists to believe that milk damages the skin. Dermatologists believe that provokes the body to increase the synthesis of androgens, male hormones present in both sexes and cause our skin to secrete more sebum. You have to eat more spinach and green leafy vegetables.

Refined sugar – candy, soft drinks, cakes and cookies. Raise blood sugar and insulin are struggling to reduce them. Confusing other hormones. This creates a problem with the pores and sebaceous glands. Refined grains – they are highly processed, and most of the cereals and bread and other bakery products made from them. This leads to lack of nutrients, principally zinc. If you need clear your skin do not worry, there are many delicious foods that will help you have healthy and acne-free skin . First of all green vegetables – rich in fiber and antioxidants that help decrease blood sugar after meals.

Fish – source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Most suitable are mackerel, salmon, anchovies and sardines. they are most useful for the skin. Wholegrain foods – fiber and antioxidants, which contain work very favorably for the skin. They stabilize insulin levels and blood sugar. The fruit of a palm tree Acai, pomegranates, carrots, blue grapes, sugar beets. The choice is wide. Green Tea – among its many health benefits and has beneficial effects on the skin.Tea from nettle.

With some effort you can try this easily clear skin diet and prevent your skin from inflammations.


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  1. Hey dear i am a working woman but really upset due to my skin. I was very careless about my diet but i will apply these tips on my daily life, Thanks

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