6 skirts that Make the Legs Infinitely Long

Want your legs to look longer and slimmer? Nothing is impossible! Choose these styles of skirts, and admire the result! The skirts of these models for any type of figure will create the effect of longer legs. Please note that a lot depends on the shoes that you wear with the skirt. And here are our models.

Pencil skirt

6 skirts that Make the Legs Infinitely Long

This is a universal option literally for any occasion. A woolen skirt can be worn in the office, and leather, denim or knitted – anywhere, depending on your mood. It is better to choose a pencil skirt either with a high waist or with a fit on the hips – they will create the maximum effect of long legs. And you can also wear such a skirt with shoes with heels or a platform to make your legs even slimmer, and you can also with almost any flat shoes.

Mini skirt with a frill

It can be either a summer model of light fabric or a winter, warmer option. The main rules – the skirt must be noticeably above the knee, and on its hem should be an outstanding shuttlecock. This makes the legs visually longer. Choose a skirt of a similar cut suitable for your type of figure and you will definitely know what is beneficial to wear in the summer.

6 skirts that Make the Legs Infinitely Long

Pleated Skirt

A flowing skirt made of pleated fabric of any color will always look advantageous. Due to the constant play of light on the folds of the legs in such a skirt seem simply endless. In addition, behind such a style you can hide any lack of hips. Choose a model just below the knee or strictly to the knee – no more, no less. Such a skirt can be worn with boots, but if you want to make a splash, put on a heel!

6 skirts that Make the Legs Infinitely Long

Asymmetrical skirt

Asymmetry is trending today, and the uneven edge effect will visually lengthen your legs. And the mini-format will cope with this task best. Or a skirt longer than the knee. As always, you will achieve the greatest effect in shoes with heels.

6 skirts that Make the Legs Infinitely Long

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Flowy Maxi Skirt

If you wear a long skirt on the floor made of light flying materials such as silk or chiffon, you will get a stunning effect. But only if you do not forget the high heel. The skirt should fly and dance when moving, sometimes opening part of the legs with the help of a cut. But you can do without it, choosing translucent materials, which today are at the peak of popularity.

6 skirts that Make the Legs Infinitely Long

High Waist Mini

We’ll warn you right away – this style is not suitable for everyone, but those who suit it will be happy with the effect. A high-waist mini skirt will definitely add a little length to your legs. Heels or platform shoes are simply highly recommended here.

6 skirts that Make the Legs Infinitely Long




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