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Patricia avoided having to take Methotrexate by following the Paddison Program early in her diagnosis

Linda’s son Richard describes how his mother used the Paddison Program to turn around her life and start walking again

Melanie can now create a fist with her hands for the first time in years after following the Paddison Program


See how people from all around the world have used the Paddison Program for RA to reverse joint pain, swelling and safely get off medications

I had RA for 5 years and I was on 25mg/week of methotrexate and I was still getting worse. The swelling in my left knee was so painful that going up and down stairs was a nightmare and the pain was sheer agony. However, I always believed 100% that there simply must be a way to cure Rheumatoid Arthritis naturally. Using the Paddison Program, in parallel with my Rheumatologist sessions, I was able to break the horrible cycle to get off all my medications and literally get back on my feet again!

We get told there is no cure to RA. But at one point in history, the world believed that it was impossible for a human being to run under a 4-minute mile. After Roger Bannister had set a new standard and showed what was possible to all other middle-distance runners, the 4 minute mile barrier has been broken hundreds of times since. What does your heart tell you about RA? If you are like me, it told me that anything was possible.

With my scientific background and bulldog determination I studied RA full-time for 4 years and finally discovered how to conquer this monster of a disease. When I had all the processes correctly in place I was able to get off my Methotrexate within two months and become free from the grip of Rheumatoid Arthritis. This was done by healing my digestive system.

The research tells us an enormous amount of information about the relationship between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diet. In fact, there was so much supporting evidence of a natural RA solution that I compiled all the information together into one, easy-to-read eBook called ‘The Hidden Cause – Food and Rheumatoid Arthritis’. (See below on this page for more information on this).

The challenge is that it isn’t JUST foods that affect RA, and there is no simple Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet that works for everyone. This is because there are other causes that must be addressed which I learnt by studying at great length the human digestive tract. Let’s look at that next.

Foods themselves don’t cause Rheumatoid Arthritis. If only it were that simple, we could just eliminate some offending foods and everything would be just fine! Unfortunately, your digestive system has been heavily compromised by a multitude of factors and all elements need  to be healed before the external pain can be resolved in any serious manner.

Two common ways that the digestive system can…

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