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Bodyweight BurnClick Image To Visit SiteBy Adam Steer NCSA-CPT, NCCP 3, AKC Coach Biosignature Certified, MAT Lower Body Specialist

Thanks for reading this. I can’t wait to show you why weight loss can be SO much easier and faster than you ever thought possible.

First, I’ve been a coach and trainer for over 20 years. And I’ve been a health and fitness fan since I was a teenager. That’s when my grandfather bought me my first gym membership to “keep me out of trouble” LOL.

But the second reason’s even more important. You see, I’ve ALSO spent the past two decades fighting my own “fat gene”. Yeah, I’m one of those people who can walk down the pasta aisle at the grocery store and gain a few pounds just by looking at the food. Or at least that’s how it feels…

I jumped on the cardio craze, and I got fatter. I tinkered with the low fat diet frenzy, and I got fatter. Long story short, I tried just about everything — and all I managed to do was ride the weight loss roller coaster.

I hit rock bottom in 1990. That’s the year I went to university — and went from a lean athletic 155 lbs to a soft and jiggly 210!

Yes, I’m still embarrassed to admit that. And I shudder to think what my clients must have said about their coach during those “tubby years”. I tried to hide that extra fat under baggy clothes, but I knew I wasn’t fooling anyone…

You see, my fight with fat led to a lifelong obsession with learning about, experimenting with and sharing the most effective methods to finally put an end to my weight gain roller coaster.

What I discovered has been working for me for over a decade. And it’s worked for my clients too, over and over again…

I’ve tested and taught these same methods to clients around the world, both online and at seminars and workshops in Singapore, Australia, Slovenia, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada and the USA.

Since I published my first online workout program in 2009, I’ve been able to change over 84,330 lives by using the exact same methods I’m going to give you in a moment.

And lucky for YOU, I figured out that you do NOT need restrictive diets or marathon workout sessions to get fantastic results.

If you focus on just three simple strategies, you can actually cut your exercise time to no more than 21 minutes per day. And you can do it all with ZERO equipment.

Conventional wisdom about fat loss is broken. And I’ll tell you on this page why people are wasting 67% or MORE of their fat burning potential every time they work out.

Take the “world’s most popular weight loss exercise” as an example. Every year, 36 million people start jogging because they think it’ll get them a lean physique. But check this out:

In 2006, researchers… Read more…


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