Apple Diet – for Three Days Minus 1.5 kg

3 days -Minus 1.5 kg

If you do not feel good in your own skin, efforts to unload your body of excess weight. With this diet cure will melt kilogram and a half just for 3 days.

Apples are low-calorie (100 g = 44 kcal), but contain very many vitamins and enzymes. They improve metabolism, melt fat, provide clean energy! So far scientists have found in apples over 300 beneficial substances being involved in more than 300 000 chemical compounds.

apple diet


improved Digestion

Cellulose and pectin are like brush of the intestine. They respond to toxic substances and bacteria, stimulate and exercise the muscles of the intestines, activate the secretion of digestive secretions.


Pectin gives a feeling of satiety. If you are apple diet, you will not feel hunger. Pectin reacts with fat and cholesterol and body separates them easier

Satisfy Sugar Need

Fruit sugar in apples procure the necessary quantity of glucose and suppresses appetite for sweeties. The blood glucose level remains stable and that maintain good tone.

Increased Consumption of Calories
Metabolism runs at full speed when in a neutral environment. Usually as a result of poor diet acid level is high, therefore it accumulates a large amount of residues of metabolism. The body consumes fewer calories because metabolism directly paralyze and fat stubbornly remain in the cells. Fruit acids, but especially apple acid, is reacted as a base. It releases the fabric of acid and stimulate the metabolism. Thus, the body consumes more calories and breaks down fat cells.


Insurance against colds

Medical statistics show that those who regularly eat apples, rarely suffer from colds.
Contained in apples vitamin C, not only activates the resistance of the organism, but also st

apple diet


rengthens connective tissue.

Healthy nervous system

Magnesium comforting nerves. This is especially important during the diet, usually when the body feels tense. Magnesium forms enzymes, fat molecules open and fats leave cells.

A reduced amount of water

Potassium stimulates the kidneys, which release excess water. This is especially useful for digestion.

What we should know:

It is best to undergo a three-day apple diet at the weekend. The effect would be greater if prepare your body with a menu of fruits, vegetables or rice. Abstain from meat, fish, eggs and treats like coffee, black tea and sweets.
During the diet you can eat as much fruit as you like, but must unpeeled. To absorb your body optimal nutrients of apples need to make two-hour breaks between meals. Varied diet with different varieties of apples.
Chew each bite well! Contained in apples enzymes stimulate saliva, which makes the food into a homogeneous mass and contributes to the extraction of the necessary for the body components. The oral cavity is the first stop in the digestive process. If the food is not well chewed, they are loaded stomach and intestines, resulting in the increased level of acidity.
As apples contain a lot of water is not required are daily taking of 3 liters of fluid. 2 liters are sufficient. You can drink and apple juice / sugar / mineral water and apple tea that can prepare yourself. Cut into slices 1/4 apple. Brew her five minutes in hot water.

Do not drink liquids while eating apples. 15 minutes before eating and 30 minutes after the body needs no liquids because they interfere with optimal absorption of nutrients.



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