The weight loss secret of global super stars is now
in Europe at an unbeatable price!

Only 1 spray will relieve
the feeling of hunger and tone your figure!

Reduces weight without exhausting diets or high stress

Helps eliminate excess fluid from the body

Breaks down fats




Ingredients :

Green coffee

The unique combination of a powerful antioxidant chlorogenic acid and low doses of caffeine has a fat burning effect, reduces appetite and cholesterol levels in the blood, removes toxins and excess fluid

Garcinia extract

Hydroxycitric acid extract blocks the conversion of excess carbohydrates into fat, accelerates the decomposition of fat deposits suppresses sugar cravings

Goji berries

Contains a rich collection of active components (polysaccharides, phytosterols, vitamins and minerals), which accelerate the conversion of fat into energy and decrease the appetite, protect the heart and blood vessels, improve the immune system

Slimming spray Fito Spray gives quick results and a great experience!

Fine taste and fresh aroma are from natural ingredients, which relieve the feeling of hunger and help reduce excess weight without much effort. L-carnitine burns fat even while you sit in your office or at the car wheel.Just one spray after food and excess weight will leave you!

The product is certified and complies with all international standards. It’s effectiveness is proven by clinical studies and testimonials from those who have already achieved the desired results with the  Fito Spray.

According to the instructions you need to spray once after a meal! And, of course, it is better not to eat pastries at night.

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