TOP 8 Women’s Shoes That Men Hate

Fashion and its new directions do not always cause delight and approval among men. They are especially annoyed by some items in our wardrobe. What models of shoes lead men to bewilderment, and sometimes, repel women? You need to know this so as not to deliver unpleasant minutes to your chosen ones.

Sneakers, platform sneakers

Like sports shoes, classic sneakers and sneakers are acceptable to men. But as fashionable shoes, set on the platform, causes a flurry of indignation. They believe that such shoes disfigure the legs of lovers. So say many experts from the world of fashion. Do not annoy your men, do not purchase such novelties.

TOP 8 Women's Shoes That Men Hate

Ordinary ballet shoes

These shoes, convenient for all ages of women, are not pleasant to men. They in every possible way impede their halves in buying ballet shoes. Although, if you beat them with suitable wardrobe items, purchase not stupid, but with sharp nose ballet shoes, they will look great in many styles. Of course, these shoes are not, as they say, a grand day off. It looks awkward with a dress on the floor. But, perfectly matches the shortened dresses and skirts.

Sports things are also better not to wear with them, for this there are models of shoes that match this image. Beating summer light sundresses and dresses with accessories matching the ballet shoes, you can create unforgettable romantic images.

Suede Uggs

This model of winter shoes causes men to associate with a clubfoot. They want to see a graceful woman next to them, and not a primitive in “felt boots”. Convenient – it is not always beautiful.

TOP 8 Women's Shoes That Men Hate

Uggs, really make heavier not only the appearance of the legs, but also the woman’s gait.

Low-heeled boats

Men do not understand how women get tired all day in high-heeled boats. Alternatively, women choose low-heeled boats. However, men fundamentally disagree with this. They compromise, agree to see their girlfriend in flat shoes, but not in low “grandmother’s” heels.

TOP 8 Women's Shoes That Men Hate


Open Toe Boots and Ankle Boots

Men are not perceived as stylish shoes. In their opinion, she looks untidy, as if she had been worn by more than one generation, as a result, the toe of this beautiful shoe was lost somewhere.

TOP 8 Women's Shoes That Men Hate

High platform

Shoes on the platform, although it lengthens the female leg, combined with high heels, but gives the impression of a weighted leg. These shoes, according to men, can mutilate any elegant leg. Their verdict: “no shoes on the platform!”

TOP 8 Women's Shoes That Men Hate

Gladiator Style Long Sandals

Many women agree with the opinion of men that these shoes make women visually squat, masculine. Such sandals require perfect long legs, women of the eastern type, and have some age restrictions. So there’s no point in acquiring them if your man doesn’t like it.

TOP 8 Women's Shoes That Men Hate

Crocuses convenient for women

It’s difficult to name such a shoe. They can go to take out the trash, or use them to walk on the sand on the beach. In a private courtyard, closed from prying eyes, you can also safely shoe them.

Crocuses are one hundred percent shoes that do not deserve attention and discussion within the framework of fashion and style. Listen to the opinions of your men, they are not always wrong. In addition, as they say, it’s more visible from the side. Be feminine and graceful! However, you should not completely abandon your favorite things. Try to find a compromise – a cross between the desire of your man and your own. What kind of shoes does your second half dislike? Share with us in the comments the details of your family wars.

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