Tips and Ways to Create the Right Eyebrow Makeup

Proper eyebrows with clean makeup can work wonders, sometimes girls do not wonder what an important part of a person’s perception they are.

That is why it is important to make the right and modern eyebrow makeup. Makeup Pencil is the easiest and most common eyebrow makeup method. To build your eyebrows, you must first define the highlights. Earlier, eyebrows began to draw from a point parallel to the inner corner of the eye, but now that rule is outdated, more natural eyebrow shapes are out of fashion, so the first point starts closer to the nose bridge, at the so-called piercing point.

The curve of the eyebrows goes from the wing of the nose through the pupil, and the “tail” along the line from the wing of the nose through the far corner of the eye. These points can be marked with a white or beige pencil and you can start drawing your eyebrow. It should be overshadowed by a smooth movement pencil, start from the middle of the eyebrows, then move to the beginning and then to the top. This will make the eyebrow bending more beautiful. After all, you have to brush your eyebrows, so the makeup will be more natural and the color feathery.

Eye Makeup With the help of shadows you can mix different shades and shade them carefully, eyebrow color will be more natural. The first stage of the makeup with the shadows is the same as in the case of a pencil – you need to outline the main points. The beveled eyebrow brush should be applied to the color of the rainbow.

A brighter shade should be applied at the beginning of the eyebrows and at the middle and the tip – to darken it. After all, you have to mix your eyebrows with a special brush.

Microblading makeup

There are eyebrow tattoos using microbling technology, but you can make up using the same technique. Makeup needs a thin pencil or felt pen, their color should exactly match the color of the eyebrows – you need to naturally draw a lot of eyebrow hair to give it the visual you need volume and density.

First you need to comb your eyebrows and comb your hair up. With a pencil or a felt pen, you have to draw hair in those places, where they are gone and observe the pre-selected eyebrow shape. Draw the hair up and side to the temple. The final touch is to fix the eyebrow hairs with a mascara or gel.

The main mistakes in eyebrow makeup:

The beginning of the eyebrows with a strict geometric shape with a right angle. It seems unnatural, should be shaded. Too long eyebrow tips give a sad expression. The edge is better not to lengthen but to stain until the eyebrows finish naturally. Magnificent eyebrows tend, but don’t let the situation sink in. The eyebrows should be lush but well maintained.

The shape should be neat, removing excess hair. Intervals may appear when staining eyebrows or pencils, this should not be allowed. You need to completely paint your eyebrows. You can’t use a lot of highlighter under and over your eyebrows, it spoils the big picture.

Underlining is more appropriate for evening events, and in daily makeup do not use this technique and do not apply a highlighter to a minimum. Too dark eyebrow makeup ugly highlights them on the face.

It is permissible to use a pencil or shadow with only one tone darker than the natural color of the eyebrows, and for micro-coloring the color should be exactly that. In this case, the shadow must also match, otherwise it will have an artificial effect. The shaded lines around the edge of the eyebrows look rough, be sure to shade them carefully at the end of your makeup. Unsettled eyebrows look confused. If you have such a problem and your hair does not obey and lie as they wish during the day, be sure to use gels or wax on your eyebrows.

What eyebrow makeup do you do? We look forward to your comments!


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