Masks Against Puffy Eyes, Bags Under the Eyes

Puffy eyelids and bags under the eyes
Eyelids may be required slices of raw potato. Maybe with bags of tea for 15 minutes. Best of chamomile tea or black.
In red eyes and swollen eyelids helps rinse with lotion made from cornflower. Prepare a handful of colors and 1 cup distilled water. The colors are flooded with boiling water, boil 2 more minutes, the water to cool. With strained liquid moistened cotton pads and place as compresses on your eyelids for 15 minutes This lotion can be used to rub the skin.
Puffiness, dark circles under eyes and puffiness of the eyelids appear most often in inadequate sleep. Effective maneuver compresses tincture of salvia. Pour 1 tsp of the herb in 100 ml. boiling water and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. Dip pad (with tolerated temperature), close your eyes and keep them. After 10 minutes make a lukewarm compress.
Ice “melts” puffy eyes. The cold shrink blood vessels and is activated limf. This action has an eye mask, pre-chilled in the refrigerator or ice cube. Move it from the inner corner of eye to the outside.

Masks Eye contour

They smooth out wrinkles formed by drying the skin. The pharmacy and cosmetic shops offer ready-made patches, enriched with active ingredients and vitamins, which are rapidly regaining skin elasticity. Good acting and fresh masks – sliced cucumbers soaked in water or dried apricots.



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