Face Mask with Yogurt and Cocoa

There is not much sense to repeat how the skin becomes dry in winter. Moreover, even people with oily and combination skin know that cold weather affects quite uncomfortable to them.

Whether your skin is completely dry and feel dry on the cheeks, nose or mouth, you make sure that the mask with cocoa and yogurt is suitable for all skin types – from very dry until mixed.

Carry out as often as you judge yourself, and depending on how your skin feels like home after therapy. Start doing it once or twice a week, we hope you’ll like the result.

It is best to use cocoa butter (Organic shops) that really has a softening effect on skin and natural plain yogurt for hydration.

Are the proportions of an eye – melt a knob of butter or 1  spoon cocoa a water bath, remove from heat and then add about 1   spoon ot yogurt.

Mix well so as to obtain a light, very fluffy mess. Allow mixture  a few minutes and only then use it as intended.

And this is very simple – apply a thin layer on pre-cleaned and dry facial skin, wait 10 -15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Always cream for an additional softening effect on the face and neck, it will reinforce the domestic mask.


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