About Cellulite

Cellulite begins to form when the toxin is not completely disposed of the body and accumulate in fat cells. As a result, the skin gradually loses its elasticity, to get bumps and starts to resemble the bark of orange. Fat cellulite is resilient mode with low calories and exercise because it is inserted and sealed in bags with a fibrous structure.

Remember – the appearance of our body is due to 50% heredity and 50% of the lifestyle.

It would be good to use daily anti-cellulite gels.

Make at least 3 times a week gym.

Get your breakfast every morning.

Lunch and dinner can be accompanied by fresh salad.

Limit carbohydrates.

Limit salt and fat – use olive oil.

Drink water – for each kilogram of weight, take 30 grams of water.

Types of cellulite:

To be seen to exert pressure in areas where it occurs. In this case, no significant accumulation of fat cells. These are predisposed to cellulite primarily in organisms retaining fluids.

Becomes visible without pressure. This represents an increase in volume, but not noticeable hardening and a large increase in collagen compared with elastin.

At this stage no pain is felt under pressure and lowering the temperature in the affected areas.

Grapefruit , rosemary, fennel ,geranium – this oil is really natural product

that work to breakdown cellulite.

You will be seeing a difference if you try it in a few weeks !



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